Khalida Niaz

Mardan police has arrested an accused for sexually assaulting his real sister.

The 17 years old female has alleged that his brother kept sexually abusing her for more than a year and half.

The complainant told Mardan Saddar police that his brother forced her mother out of home two days back and subjected her to sexual assault.

Her mother was also accompanied the victim to the police station and confirmed the sexual assault.

Nadeem, Mardan Saddar police station told TNN that they have arrested the accused after the registration of the FIR. He said that assault victim had undergone medical examination at the Mardan Medical Complex and the preliminary report has confirmed the attack.

However, he said that complete report was still awaited.

On the other hand, Dr Arshi Arbab, a psychologist said that the incest cases were on the rise in our society. She said that in such cases, people are sexually involved with blood relations or forced the women to have established such relations with them.

Incest is mental illness

Ms Arbab said that incest was mental illness and it could be due to many factors including watching pornography, hormonal imbalance and delayed marriages.

She said that it was very difficult to get married in this inflation while some families tend to delay the marriages, which result into such episodes.

In a similar incident, another accused Swat allegedly sexually assaulted his real sister thrice in Swat in August 2021. The victim told police that his brother took her on tour to the Madiyan area of the district, where he sexually assaulted her multiple times.

When accused was arrested by the police during the interrogation confessed his crime. He said that his family was delaying his marriage, which forced her rape his sister.

During the same year, another Swat woman accused her father of raping her.

Ms Arbab said that watching porn increased desire of sexual intercourse among youth. “In such an agitated state they do not differentiate between relations and subject women of their lust,” she said.

On the other hand, female family members are easy prey for such predators.

Ms Arbab said that in many cases family women are targeted due to the fact as such escapades out of family will come to surface. However, in cases of family members, women rarely raise their voices in case of sexual assault and even if they raise their voice, they are silenced.

Narrating ordeal of a minor girl who visited her lady health worker acquaintance, Ms Arbab said that a minor girl was brought to the LHW for delivery.

She said that due to her age, the girl could have died during the childbirth. “When the LHW asked girl’s mother to take her to some hospitals, the mom flatly refused,” Ms Arbab said.

Ms Arbab said that when she quizzed the other relatives, it turned out that minor girl was sexually assaulted by her brother, impregnating her.

She said that these days aged people were also attracted to incest as their wives cannot satisfy them sexually. Therefor most of such males’ prey upon other women of the household and subject them to sexual abuse. She said that such women were easy targets and also, they are always around in house.

Ms Arbab said that most of the people do not think incest as illness. She said that most of the people think such people to be wayward and could be treated after betrothing with a female. However, she said that such males should be treated by psychiatrists.

Besides, she said that young boys and females should have separate room in house. “The girls should be treated to raise such issue before all family members instead of telling mothers as mothers usually pushed the thing under the carpet,” she said.

In addition to this, she said that parents should also watch over the company of their sons.

Law and Justice report showed that over past four years, about 14000 women were subjected to sexual abuse across Pakistan. However, only three percent of cases saw convictions.

The report also stated that 11 women and eight children felly prey to sexual abuse a day in Pakistan.

On the other hand, a report prepared by the non-governmental organization Sahil stated during 2020, about 3000 children and girls were subjected to sexual abuse in Pakistan and eight children are sexually assaulted a day.

Ms Arbab said that in contrast to the past, awareness was increasing in the society, which was leading to reporting of more of such cases.

Besides, she said that females should be educated about such trough curriculum and they should also be taught about self-defense.

She narrated an episode of a woman, whose husband was preying upon her daughter. “The female was constantly worried about her daughter as to what would happened to her in the presence of preying father,” she said.

Ms Arbab said that presence of a trusted persons in the house was necessary in similar instances.

Anti-Rape Act 2021

Mehwish Muhib Kakakhel, a Peshawar High Court lawyer said that Pakistan Panel Code provides for death sentence to rapists and a minimum of 10 and maximum of 25 years imprisonment.

She said that Anti-Rape Act 2021 also provides for free medical check up of such women, besides protection.

Ms Kakakhel said that in the case of raising voice against such practices, puts a woman in the way of the harm. She said that in many of such instances a woman is forced to compromise by family members.

She said that in one incident, a female who was subjected to sexual assault get pregnant and she was not allowed to go for abortion.

She ended up marrying her rapist due family pressure, Ms Kakakhel said.


Ms Kakakhel said that accused in Mardan case should be made an example for others.

She said that Anti Rape Act has given great protections. “They would be brought to court in full protection and seated in separate room while their statement would be recorded through video link,” she said.

She said that thorough investigation of such cases should be carried out as often faulty investigation helps the accused.

Besides, she said that under the new legislation, Anti Rape Crisis Cells would be setup, which will provide facilities to such women.

She said that rape cases have been made non-compoundable as state is party in such cases.

She said that gender protection unit should also investigate the Mardan case to do justice to the victim.