MARDAN, November 13: Mardan Kabaddi Club has won a tournament held among various teams in the district.

During the final match at Younas Stadium, the Mardan team beat Takhtbhai team by 31-28 points. A total of eight teams participated in the Kabaddi tournament, organised by the Provincial Kabaddi Association District Directorate of Sports.

Hundreds of people watched the event. Spectators of the final match said best players could be produced if such events are made a regular feature at district level.

“I have come from Batkhel [Malakand Agency] and I think the government should also promote other sports, besides Kabadddi. Such sports will save our younger generation from negative activities and will keep them strong mentally and physically,” stated a man at the stadium.

Kabaddi is a traditional game played in Pakistan and India, particularly in rural areas. There are two teams, each having 12 players. Each player has to reach the highest score by touching or seizing the opposing team’s players while chanting “Kabaddi-Kabaddi”. The game varies to some extent in various areas.

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