Rifaqatullah Razarwal

The spouse of Muhammad Irshad, residing in Peshawar, has lodged serious accusations against Muhammad Arif, a police officer holding the rank of SP in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. She asserts that he has been coercing her into divorcing her husband to marry him, subjecting her to mental and physical torture for several years when she resisted. SP Mohammad Arif Khan vehemently denies these allegations, labeling them as false and part of a conspiracy to tarnish his character.

During a press conference at Peshawar Press Club, Muhammad Irshad’s wife disclosed that her interactions with Muhammad Arif began innocently years ago when she sought help for a domestic issue. As time passed, Arif developed an interest in her and pressured her to divorce her husband.

Despite her refusals, the pressure extended to her husband, pushing him to contemplate divorce to safeguard their lives. However, Arif reneged on the idea of marriage. The situation escalated as Arif persisted in pursuing an illicit relationship, even resorting to threats when confronted at his home recently.

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The wife further alleged that Arif physically assaulted her in the presence of his family. Seeking justice, she approached the Central Police Office and Chamkani police station but received no support due to Arif’s seniority. Her plea extends to the Inspector General of Police to intervene and protect her, her husband, and her children from Arif’s alleged cruel behavior.

SP Peshawar, Muhammad Arif Khan, dismissed the accusations, asserting that the woman aimed to damage his reputation for financial gain. He claimed that she was a friend of his wife and, upon realizing his family’s comfortable life, demanded money. When he refused, she resorted to making baseless allegations. SP Arif announced his intention to file a Rs 5 crore damages claim against her, stating that his lawyer would provide details in a forthcoming press conference.

It’s worth noting that SP Muhammad Arif Khan had previously served as the District Police Officer of Charsadda.