MOHMAND: A Jirga in Ekka Ghund granted one week time to the government to ensure that only local people are employed in the construction of Mohmand Dam.

The jirga said that all the promises that the government had made to Mohmand people remained unfulfilled. The jirga members said that the government and WAPDA officials had promised the locals of Mohmand district to recruit them at the dam but till now all jobs were given to outsiders and they were not even paid the compensation of their land that was acquired by the government for the dam.

MPA Nisar Mohmand assured the jirga leaders of all kind of cooperation and said that he would be with them till the demands were met. The leaders gave the government a one-week deadline to address the issue.

Remember that the foundation stone of Mohmand Dam was laid by Prime Minister Imran Khan on May 2, 2019. It should be noted that Mohmand Dam has the capacity to generate 800 MW of electricity. The Mohmand Dam has a height of 700 feet with a capacity to store 1293 million acre-feet of water while the work on the project will be completed by July 2024.

We will hold a very peaceful protest for our rights, said Nisar Mohmand in his address to the Jirga members. But first we will wait for the chief secretary; if no one contacted us for assurance then no one can stop us from peaceful protest.

“What happened to the people of Warsak after the Warsak dam construction will never be allowed to repeat in Mohmand dam and said that the people of Mohamad will be the owner of the dam and will have the first rights over all the resources,” MPA Nisar Mohmand said.

The Jirga gave one week time to the Chief Secretary of the province to contact and resolve the issues otherwise they will be forced to lodge protest movement.

Rahim Shah, Leader of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, Who was runner up in the July 20 election to Nisar Mohmand, was also present in the Jirga and assured the people of all-out support to secure the rights of the people of his area.