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Students from Taturp Government Girls Primary School in Mohmand district staged a protest due to the continued absence of female teachers. In response to this issue, the students blocked the main road from Danishkol to Ambar as a form of demonstration.

The protesting students expressed their frustration with the ongoing teacher absences, stating that their education was suffering as a result. They declared their intent to continue their road blockade until their demands were addressed.

Concerned parents of the female students joined the protest, emphasizing that Taturp Government Girls Primary School is the only girls’ school in the entire Ambar Tehsil, with no alternative educational options available in the vicinity. Girls from distant areas come to this school to receive an education, but they are facing severe challenges due to the consistent teacher absences.

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These parents disclosed that they had submitted written applications to Deputy Commissioner Mohmand and other relevant authorities, stressing the critical need for female teachers to be regularly present at the school. They demanded that their daughters not be deprived of education and urged the appointment of dedicated female teachers to fulfill their teaching duties.

Maqsood Khan, a social activist from Ambar Tehsil, expressed deep concern about the situation, highlighting that Taturp Government Girls Primary School is the sole girls’ educational institution in the entire Ambar Tehsil. He criticized the teachers for not attending school for months yet still receiving their salaries. He emphasized the injustice of girls being denied education in this modern age.

Furthermore, Khan pointed out that both female and male teachers engaging in such absenteeism contribute to the unequal educational progress in Ambar Tehsil. He called upon the Director of Education for the newly merged district, the Secretary of Education in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and the Corps Commander of Peshawar to address the issue promptly. He urged them to activate the girls’ school in question and to establish more educational facilities to promote female education in the region.

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