MOHMAND: Mohmand tribesmen in Jirga held in Ambar Tehsil said that extension of courts and police system is not acceptable to them as they already have a strong Jirga system to resolve their disputes.

The Jirga was held in the Hujra of Haji Ezat Khan in Ambar Tehsil of Mohmand tribal district in which tribal elders from across Mohmand participated and expressed grievances against the new set up in tribal districts.

The tribal elders warned that now more Jirgas will be held in Peshawar’s Bagh-e-Naran and Islamabad in where tribal elders from across the tribal belt will participate to press the federal and provincial governments for their demands. The tribesmen expressed that the people of tribal areas have a strong Jirga system to resolve their disputes and will never allow extension of police and courts to tribal districts.

The tribal elders said that they know how to solve the mural issues and disputes through Jirga instead of wasting money and precious time in regular courts which they believe is a time-consuming effort to get access to justice.

The former member of the National Assembly Maulana Ghulam Noor has presented a resolution which was unanimously accepted by the Jirga elders. The resolution said that the fines imposed by Jirga elders in the past will never be returned. Ghulam Noor revealed that some people are trying to get it back through cases in regular courts, recently established.

They also clarified that the post mortem is not acceptable to them in case of murder as it is against the tribal customs and traditions. Their third demand, presented in the resolution, was that the rate of land acquired from the people of Mohmand for Mohmand dam will not be less than 2,000, 000 per four Kanal. The government has fixed the rate as 200,000 per four Kanal.