Muslim pilgrims pray around the holy Kaaba at the Grand Mosque in Mecca

PESHAWAR, October 2: About 2.5 million Hajj pilgrims from all over the world have started performing Hajj by moving from the holy city of Makka towards the adjacent Mina valley in Saudi Arabia.

The pilgrims will stay in Mina tonight and tomorrow they will go towards Miadan-e-Arafat to offer the major element of Hajj, where they would listen to the Hajj Khutba (sermon) in Masjid-e-Nimra and would offer the Zuhur and Asr prayers and would pray (dua).

The Hajj pilgrims would go to Muzdalfa tomorrow evening. On 10 Zil-Hajj on Saturday, the pilgrims will go to Mina after morning prayer and will pelt stones on shaitan (Satan) with stones. Later, they would slaughter the sacrificial animals.

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