In a tragic turn of events in Peshawar, unidentified assailants targeted and killed Humayun, an officer of the Social Welfare Department.

The incident unfolded at Ishrat Cinema Chowk near Gulbahar Police Station, where assailants opened fire on Humayun’s vehicle. Humayun, the son of Abdullah, was on his way to duty, accompanied by his driver Shafiqullah, who succumbed to injuries while being transported to the hospital.

Upon receiving the news, SP Faqirabad Osama Amin Cheema swiftly reached the scene, meticulously examining the crime site and gathering crucial evidence. The investigation is actively reviewing CCTV footage from the vicinity to identify and apprehend the perpetrators.

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‘Simultaneously, in a separate incident, unknown individuals shot and killed Constable Kamran Taj, the son of Malik Taj and a resident of Gulbela, within the jurisdiction of Daudzai police station in Gulbela. Kamran Taj served as a computer operator at Khan Raziq Shaheed police station (Kabuli) during the time of the attack.

Following the report of the incident, SP Rural Division Zafar Ahmad Khan, accompanied by other police officers, promptly arrived at the location and transported the deceased’s body for post-mortem. The investigators, after gathering crucial evidence from the crime scene, initiated a comprehensive inquiry, considering various angles based on the statements of eyewitnesses.