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Home Health Negligence at Landi Kotal Hospital Leads to Tragic Death of Woman and Child

Negligence at Landi Kotal Hospital Leads to Tragic Death of Woman and Child

by Mehrab Shah Afridi - 06 Apr, 2024 1873

A woman and a child tragically lost their lives due to alleged negligence by the staff at District Khyber Landi Kotal Headquarters Hospital. The incident, reported to the Landi Kotal police station and hospital authorities, highlights serious lapses in medical care.

Haji Rahman Shinwari and Shams-ud-Din Shinwari have filed a report against the hospital administration and labor room staff, detailing the events leading to the tragic outcome. According to the report, the woman was admitted to Landi Kotal Hospital for childbirth, but the labor room staff displayed carelessness and neglect throughout the ordeal. Despite the woman experiencing continuous bleeding and requiring urgent medical attention, valuable time was wasted.

The staff at Landi Kotal Hospital opted to transfer the woman to Peshawar, abandoning her surgery midway, which exacerbated her condition. Shockingly, the hospital's rescue 1122 service failed to provide an ambulance promptly, forcing the family to arrange a private ambulance. Upon reaching the hospital in Peshawar, medical staff informed them that the woman had suffered a heart attack due to excessive blood loss.

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Both the woman and the child ultimately succumbed to their injuries, prompting calls for immediate and stringent action against the responsible staff at Landi Kotal Hospital to prevent similar incidents in the future.

However, MS Dr. Zafar Ali Khan, when contacted about the incident, refuted the allegations, claiming that surgery was not deemed suitable due to the ongoing bleeding. He cited the hospital's lack of a blood bank for referring the patient to Peshawar.

Expressing concern over the incident, Provincial Minister Adnan Qadri emphasized the need for accountability. He directed the District Health Officer (DHO) Khyber and relevant authorities to take swift action against the negligent staff, stating that such lapses in medical care are unacceptable in the modern age.