The business community in Miranshah is urging for the swift disbursal of compensation to those affected by the strife that has disrupted their livelihoods.

A group of a dozen shopkeepers, led by Chairman Sanaullah and President Anwar Hassan, expressed their grievances during a press conference at the Miranshah Press Club.

They lamented that for the past eight years, they have been enduring extreme hardships. The turmoil has not only devastated their businesses but also pushed them to the brink of educational despair for their children. Despite these challenges, they have yet to receive any compensation for their substantial losses, leaving them in a perpetual state of uncertainty.

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Anwar Hassan, President of the business community, emphasized two critical demands in their plea. First, he called for a dialogue with the committee led by Chairman Sanaullah, the district administration, and the government negotiation team.

Secondly, he urged that the Miranshah bazaar charges be transferred to the account of the Deputy Commissioner or the district administration, rather than being credited to the CLCP account. They stated that failing to address these demands would lead to the closure of bazaars and roads in protest.

During the press conference, it was emphasized that the checks amounting to one and a half billion rupees, which have already been issued, should be promptly distributed to the affected shopkeepers under the supervision of the Deputy Commissioner.