Lakki protest pic by Liaqat Siyam (1)
IDPs protest killing of tribesmen in Lakki Marwat district. Photo by Mr Liaqat Siyam

LAKKI MARWAT, November 27: The internally displaced persons (IDPs) of North Waziristan Agency have protested the killing of two IDPs in Lakki Marwat district.

A 13-year-old child and his maternal uncle, hailing from North Waziristan Agency, were gunned down by unidentified people in Lakki Marwat on 26 November.

During a rally at Pappu Chowk, the protesters chanted slogans against authorities and demanded the arrest of killers. They also blocked the road leading to Mianwali, Punjab province for some time.

“Wazir is actually the tribe who have sacrificed everything for the sake of Pakistan’s sovereignty. We demand the government to provide safety to the IDPs of Waziristan and if the government fails to do so, it should allow us to return back to our native areas. We have staged peaceful protest today but if the murderers aren’t arrested within next 48 hours, we will agitate the next day and then the administration of Lakki Marwat would be responsible for any damage to government property,” stated an elder while addressing the rally.

At the demonstration, the paternal uncle of the slain child, Mr Shah Nadain, appealed to the government to provide them justice.

“He was my nephew. If the murder was something just and right, then I would have termed the protest to be inappropriate. But as this tribe, the Pashtuns, and the Marwat tribe claim that this is open brutality, we seek justice; otherwise I will commit self-immolation here right now,” he said.

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