KHAR, May 23: A bomb explosion has left one dead and another injured in Bajaur Agency, administration officials said.

Mr Khan Zeb and Mr Mateeullah were going somewhere when they fell victims to a roadside bomb in Ghakhai area of Mamond tehsil.

Mr Khan Zeb died on the spot while Mr Mateeullah was injured. The security forces launched a search operation in the area after the blast.

Bajaur is smallest of the tribal agencies in Pakistan and has a hilly terrain. According to the 1998 census, the population was 595,227[3] but other more recent estimates it has grown to 757,000. It borders Afghanistan’s Kunar Province with a 52 km border. The headquarters of the agency administration is located in the town of Khar.

The Pakistani military has conducted several operations in the area due to presence of Taliban.

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