Tariq Aziz [Citizen Journalist]

SHANGLA: A school in Keri village of Shangla has only two classrooms for six classes having a total strength of 300 which speaks volumes about the real state of ‘education emergency’ proclaimed by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government.

In such a situation, one can only worry about the state of education facilities at the school. Imranullah, a fifth grade student of the school, said while talking to TNN that space shortage is the main issue. “We sit in a classroom, but the second and third grade students sit on mats outside the classroom,” he said.

The school administration says students somehow manage during summer, but during the harsh winter, sitting outside the room means inviting trouble. It said the situation goes from bad to worse in case of rain. In that case, the students are asked to go home.

“We either go home or sit with students of other classes in the same classroom in case of rain,” said Shah Fahad, a second grade student.

Hassan Zeb, a teacher at the school, told TNN that all teachers are capable and hardworking, but they cannot help the students much due to lack of enabling environment.

“How can students concentrate on their lessons when they are mixed up with students of other cases? We are doing our best, but we cannot build new classrooms from our own pockets,” he said.

Saeed Ahmed, a local resident, said lack of facilities at the only primary school in the area is collective failure of the whole area population. He said it is a matter of shame that students have no place to sit in the only primary school in the entire area.

Divisional Education Officer Aurangzeb said no additional land is available in the school for construction of more classrooms. He said the problem can be resolved quickly if someone provides free of cost land attached with the school building. He said the reconstruction of school was approved, but that had to be cancelled due to unavailability of land. No one from the area has come forward so far to donate land for this purpose.