khyber affectees

BARA, October 22: Evacuation of people from Tirah valley to safer places continues during the ongoing military operation in Khyber Agency and 850 displaced families have been registered so far.

The FATA Disaster Management Authority coordinator Mr Shahid Khan says they had set up a registration point for the affectees in Lala Kandao area where the affectees of the Operation Khyber 1 are being registered, given food items and their children are vaccinated against polio.

He said the displaced families would also be given transport facility to go to Hangu or Jalozai camps.

However, the affected people say they have not been given any relief items so far.

“My family travelled on foot for five hours through mountains. On the one hand, we are facing food shortage while on the other we have to travel on foot. We have even sold our cattle and other items to arrange transport fare,” said tribesman displaced from Tirah valley in Khyber Agency.

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