PESHAWAR: The leader of the opposition in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) assembly Akram Khan Durrani on Friday criticized the provincial government for the increase in prices of essential commodities and said that no efforts were made in the budget to give relief to common man against the ever-rising inflation.

Durrani said that misleading facts and figures were shown in the budget document. He asked for action against the responsible person for misleading the masses. The leaders of the opposition said that despite the announcement of Rs 100 billion, tribal districts were extended just Rs 82 billion uplift fund.

Durrani proposed the formation of a development fund under the FATA Development Authority to ensure proper and fair utilization of funds allocated for merged districts. The leader of opposition said FATA funds sometime re-appropriated and diverted to other areas and to plug this practice, he suggested the formation of a development fund for judicious utilization.

Durrani also suggested devising a comprehensive plan and strategy of utilization and said that it is necessary to address longstanding deprivations and concerns of citizens living in merged districts. Taxes have been imposed on farmers but the government has not taken any step to facilitate them, he said demanding the restoration of Agriculture Development Authority to look into the problems of farmers.

Earlier, when the session began the Deputy Speaker expressed annoyance over absence of administrative officers during assembly proceedings. The Speaker directed strict disciplinary action against the absent officers.

In his ruling, he directed all administrative secretaries to make sure their presence within 10-minute and asked the Assembly Secretariat to inform Chief Minister and Chief Secretary about the absence of their secretaries. Akram Khan Durrani remarked that it was an insult of the House as well as the democracy that provincial secretaries were taking the House proceedings for granted. He refused to initiate the debate on the budget document in the House saying he feels disgrace to address the empty chairs.

The Deputy Speaker then adjourned the proceedings for 10 minutes which was resumed as soon as all secretaries came to House.