Pakistani government as goodwill gesture has allowed 11,100 Afghan nationals to return to their country on tazkira over past three days via Torkham border crossing.

Pakistani authorities have also announced that those Afghans returning to their country on tazkira could return to their country by Saturday, July 9.

Details shared with the TNN showed that Pakistani authorities have allowed 11,100 Afghan nationals not possessing passport and visa to return to their country on tazkira.

Official sources said that government has made this decision as goodwill gesture.

On Saturday, 1500 Afghan nationals were allowed to go to their country on tazkira while on Sunday, 5100 persons were allowed to cross the border.

On Monday, another 4500 people were allowed to cross the border.

On the other hand, Afghan refugees have hailed this decision and many of those desirous of travelling to their country including women, children and elderly thanked the Pakistani authorities for allowing them to cross border without legal documents.

It is worth mentioning here that thousands of travelers had gathered on of Pak-Afghan border before this announcement and majority of them had neither passport nor visas.

However, Pakistani authorities later allowed them to return to their country.

Observers of Pak-Afghan relations believe that this decision will positively impact the relations between both countries.

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