Pakistani government has allowed over 22,000 Afghans to return to their homes in about a week on tazkira (identity cards) as a good will gesture.

Sources told TNN that the immigration authorities at the Torkham border crossing have allowed 22,200 Afghans without valid visas and passports to return to their homes on tazkira.

Earlier on Friday, Pakistani authorities had decided to allow Afghans holding tazkira to return their country till 9pm on Saturday.

Last Saturday, a total of 1500 Afghans holding tazkira had returned to Afghanistan, while on Sunday 5100 people returned on Sunday.

On Monday this number remained 4500. On Tuesday 3700 Afghans returned to their homes, on Wednesday 3600, on Thursday 3800 another 3000 on Friday.

Besides, authorities have decided to keep the border for those returning to Afghanistan till 9pm on Saturday.

On the other hand, Afghans have praised the government decision to allow those holding tazkira to return to their country.

Several Afghans who were returning to their country said that they appreciated the Pakistani government decision. They said that this decision will allow them to spend Eidul Azha with their families.

They also said that this decision has also enabled thousands of elders, children and women to return to their country easily.

They also appreciated the Federal Investigation Agency for managing smooth return of thousands of people stranded at the border.

They also said that FIA officials tried to facilitate the returning Afghans in every possible manner.

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