A gun in one hand, a bottle of wine in the other, walking with a crooked hat on the head and with the chest held high. Of course, these three sentences would’ve given you a little idea of what I am talking about. Yes! I am talking about today’s Pashto film industry and the actors who are making very vulgar movies these days. The Pashto film industry reflects the Pashtun culture but unfortunately, nothing like that is happening in today’s films.

In Pashtun society, modesty and chastity are accepted facts. But, sadly, today’s Pashto films are showing something else. Neither their dialogues are worth hearing nor are their dressings worthy of watching, only obscenity is being spread which is having a very negative impact on people.

If we look at the films of earlier times, they used to be very clean and constructive films. The main idea of those films used to be very beautiful and focused on bringing positive change in society. For example, they mostly made films on important topics like education, the elimination of enmity, and Vani. A person could watch those movies sitting with his family. At the same time, he used to get some lessons from them.

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But on the contrary, today’s Pashto films are not even worth watching. Have we ever wondered how today’s Pashto movies are influencing our young generation? These movies are corrupting our youth, spreading promiscuity, and instilling a love of guns in the youth.

For example, if a fifteen or sixteen-year-old watches these films, and sees the use of weapons in these films, then surely that child will also start misusing weapons. We have always been hearing from our elders that alcohol is forbidden, but in Pashto films, alcohol is being used openly. Wine is being drunk like water.

Due to these films, the difference between haram and halal alcohol is disappearing from society, immorality is spreading in society and the difference between good and bad, modesty and immorality is disappearing.

A gun in his hand and a crooked hat on his head. This is not Pashtun culture but it is a stain on Pashtun culture. Today’s Pashto film industry is insulting Pashtun culture. And not only in foreign countries but also in other provinces of Pakistan, it is misrepresenting Pashtun culture.

This Pashto film industry is destroying purity and modesty. Do you know why people from other countries are calling Pashtuns terrorists? In my opinion, one of the reasons for this is also these Pashto films, in which bullets are always raining. Every brother is the enemy of every other brother. A woman is always seen as promiscuous and promiscuous.

These are all the things that the Pashto film industry is showing in its films. The violence and display of weapons shown in these films are grossly inappropriate. The indecency shown in these films has made Pashtun men and women lose their morals. Today’s Pashtun movies have blown away the old movies. The honor and courage of the Pashtuns have been forgotten.

Therefore, the Pashto film industry should stop misrepresenting the Pashtun culture and make quality and educational films like they used to produce in the past.