PESHAWAR: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has signed a two-year partnership agreement with Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF), a respected and prestigious charity organisations set up by an ex-player.

This follows the recent announcement of the PCB signing a three-year partnership with the British Asian Trust to shine a light on the issue of mental health in Pakistan, says a press release.

The partnership with SAF will cover non-ICC events, meaning the home series against Sri Lanka will be first series when the SAF logo will feature prominently on the player kits.

The Foundation was founded in 2014 with a view of improving living conditions of the poor and destitute members of the society. SAF is working in the areas of health, education and clean water together with the message of global peace and goodwill via sports diplomacy. SAF aims to see Pakistani people prosper, educated and healthy in the coming years.

SAF has been able to accomplish various milestones in this short span from its inception and striving for betterment of underprivileged, poor and deprived communities of Pakistan starting with a Hospital in Kohat, SAF Schools network and several water projects in KP and Sindh. With its global offices in several geographical regions from North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, SAF has also helped deprived communities globally.

SAF is aiming to scale up its SAF Schools – education initiative across Pakistan to address the grass-root issues in Pakistan under “SAF Vision 2020”. This initiative has a special focus on Girls Education through the recently launched campaign aiming to educate all daughters of Pakistan by providing them access to quality education.

Shahid Afridi, Global Chairman SAF, said: “I am incredibly pleased and happy to partner my former employers as we continue to take giants steps forward, this time in the field of improving and enhancing quality of lives of the Pakistanis and creating more facilities in our beloved country.

“I feel honoured that the PCB felt my foundation worthy of their association and I am convinced this partnership with make a significant impact on our ongoing and upcoming projects which, in turn, will lift the quality of life in Pakistan,” he said, adding: “The Foundation is committed to changing the lives of people, however, whatever we do would be incomplete without love and support. The foundation works like a family, a family dedicated to providing better healthcare, education and clean drinking water to every member of society and become a ray of hope for children, youngsters and adults alike.”

Shahid Afridi said the PCB is a very strong brand, while cricket has the power to connect people and countries. “The interest and enthusiasm expressed by the PCB in this partnership, gives me great confidence that we will be able to make impact in the next two years,” he said.

Wasim Khan, Managing Director PCB, said: “The PCB is delighted to continue to play their part in the progress, growth and development of the under-privileged citizens of Pakistan, this time through a partnership with the Shahid Afridi Foundation.”

He said Shahid Afridi Foundation has done tremendous work in Pakistan in various walks of life, including education and health, and the PCB looks forward to accelerating that work by using their brand and creating more awareness within the society.