PESHAWAR: The Provincial Development Working Party (PDWP) held its meeting here on Wednesday and approved 14 projects worth Rs 9132.643 million and deferred 4 due to inadequate designs.

The meeting was chaired by Additional Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Shahzad Bangash and discussed a total 18 projects pertaining to different sectors including Roads, Local Government, Multi-sectoral Development, Water, Elementary and Secondary Education, Agriculture, Home and AIP sectors for the uplift of the province and Merged Areas.

In a historic session of PDWP the first eight projects worth Rs 9132.643 million under the Tribal Decade Strategy (TDS) were given approval, said a press release issued here after the meeting, adding that this will usher in a new era of development in the merged areas which will help to bring it at par with the rest of the province.

The Government has allocated Rs 59 billion for TDS for the Financial Year 2019-20 alone. The total envelope of ten years development campaign is approximately Rs one Trillion for Ten Years.

The approved projects are the construction and Blacktopping of Banda Fateh Khan Road Darmalak road, Darmalak to Ghorzandi road, Darsha Khel road Rehman Abad Pakka road, Krappa Shakardara road including bridge and PCC Roads in UCs, Sodhal, Lachi rural, Mandori District Kohat, Construction of Shaktoo bridge on Janikhel road and  Construction/Rehabilitation of roads in Tehsil Bakha Khel and adjoining areas District Bannu.

In the Local Government sector, the approved projects included “Clean Drinking Water for All (CDWA)”. In the Water sector, the approved project was “Construction of Neeli Tangi Weir Subproject District Khyber, Construction of Bada Khel Weir Subproject District Khyber”.

In the Elementary and Secondary Education sector “Provision of Free Basic Stationery and School Bags, Provision of Basic and Missing Facilities through Parent-teacher Committee-led conditional Grants” were approved.

The PDWP approved “Integrated Agriculture Development in Merged Areas, Culturable Waste Land Development and Solarization of existing Agriculture Tubewells, Rainwater harvesting in Merged Areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa” projects in agriculture.

The meeting was attended by Atif Rehman, Secretary Planning and Development Department, members of PDWP, Special Secretary P&D Merged Areas, concerned departments and Districts level officers of Merged Areas.