Walk from Bara to Tirah sends strong message of peace

Khyalmat Shah Afridi

BARA: Haji Maroof Afridi, a social activist and and Director HB group has launched peace march from Bara to Tirah Valley on Friday. The march comprises of 50 people and on its first day, it covered a distance of 60 km in 12 hours and 40-km to Tirah, Bagh is still pending.

Not even a single member of the convoy has boarded the vehicle for the 12-hour journey though, they have also 7 vehicles, including 10 drivers, running behind the participants. Afridi said that for the participants of the walk all the facilities are available including ambulances, first aid as well as co-drinks.

During the night the caravan is staying Pindi Chinha, in the Tirah Valley and in the morning they will set for their next destination. In the morning at 5 o’clock, they will begin the second-day journey and will cover a distance of 34 km toward Bagh which they said will complete by 1 pm and it is expected that the caravan will offer Zuhr prayer in the main mosque in Bagh.

Haji Maroof Afridi said that the purpose of this peace march is to spread the message regarding this historic day of Defense Pakistan and to convey to the world that Pakistan is an independent country and its people are patriotic. He added it will also show to the world that after a long war of terror, an atmosphere of peace is established.

He added that the purpose of the Caravan was also to attract tourists to Tirah Valley, which is a short distance from Peshawar. He added people can also go there on foot and freely enjoy the beauty of the scenic valley. But the need is that, said Haji Maroof, the government should promote tourism in this paradise valley and bring the tribal people in the national mainstream.

The Maroof Afridi told in his peace march every school of thought people are participating in the march and it is heading to their destination and local people are giving them a warm welcome. Upon completion of the first-day journey, dinner arrangements were made for up to 60 persons at Zakha Khel area in Pindi Chinha.