Penal discussion: Participants urge to arrange training for tribal MPAs

Khalida Niaz

PESHAWAR: The participants of TNN penal discussion expressed the need to properly train the newly elected Members of Provincial Assembly (MPAs) from tribal districts regarding the legislative process to work in a proper manner for the tribal people.

The members of the penal discussion were Muhammad Hashim Khan Mangal, a senior lawyer from Kurram, Malik Atta Ullah Khan Mehsud of South Waziristan and Shagufta Gul, a women rights activist

Shagufta Gul said that there is no doubt that the 25th constitutional amendment was made in a hurry but even then it is a ray of hope for all the tribal people. She said that now they have also representatives in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly and hoped that they will make laws for that tribal belt and will raise voice for their rights.

She suggested that there is a need to train the tribal MPAs regarding the legislative process in the provincial assembly. They should be made aware that their job isn’t just to streets pavements and construction of sanitation lines but also to make laws to govern the tribal areas.

Shagufta said that senior politicians should be appointed as their mentors to teach them what is Act? What is the bill? How the policy is drafted? and others such important aspects of the legislative process. The MPAs should be asked to make themselves aware of the real and burning issues of their own constituencies, she added.

The women right activist said that the people of the tribal area have a lot of expectations from the newly elected representatives. The people have expressed trust in their leadership this they will be under huge pressure to fulfil the promises they have made with the public.

Muhammad Hashim Khan Mangal, the senior lawyer, also said that the first duty of the MPAs is to make legislation. Besides that, they’ve to keep a close eye on the basic needs of the tribal belt like the education, health and rehabilitation of war-affected people. He added that the area has passed through wars and there are still a lot of problems faced by the local people.

Hashim said that the people of tribal districts are faced with numerous problems. There is a total lack of infrastructure of education, health and road facilities. He expressed the hope that now that election was held and representatives have been elected, it will have very positive impacts on their lives.

The senior lawyers said that the business, he has seen before 2001, aren’t even available in any tribal district. There is an urged needs to revive the lost businesses so that their can more job opportunities.

The participants said that after successful elections in tribal districts of the province now the real representatives of the people will raise their problems of tribal people on the proper platform and will end their decades’ long deprivation of tribal people.

Malik Atta also expressed the hope that tribal MPAs will work in a proper manner to solve the issues faced by the tribal people. “I’m not from any political party. But I will support the party which woke for the betterment of the tribal people,” said Malik Atta.

He lamented that Makin, which is one of the main centres of South Waziristan, but there is not even a single health facility available while the school buildings are in dilapidated form. Thus we hope, said Atta, the newly elected MPAs will work for the uplift of tribal people in real sense. He added that if they failed to perform their duty in a proper manner then their election is useless.

Malik Atta said the newly elected MPAs should now come out of the politics of streets pavement and sanitation lines. He added we have to think in a broad sense for the larger benefits of the whole tribal districts and the MPAs should realize this. He expressed the need that there should be work for collective benefits instead of personal interests.

Shagufta said that after the KP assembly polls now there is an urgent need for the local government election in tribal districts. She added now that the process of mainstreaming the tribal people has started, there is a need for patience.

Women rights activist has also said that efforts should be made for women rights as women are facing numerous problems which need to be resolved. She said that a proper plan should be preparated for the empowerment of tribal women.