PESHAWAR, June 20: The administration of Peshawar district has started free treatment of the drug addicts.

TNN correspondent says the administration has captured more than 30 heroin addicts during the last several days and hospitalised them.

The Assistant Commissioner, Mumtaz Ahmad, along with his team picked the heroin addicts from Bacha Khan Chowk, Faqeer Abad, Jinnah Park, Shahi Bagh and other areas and admitted them in the Khyber Teaching Hospital.

Some of the drug addicts voluntarily agreed for their treatment. Some of the drug addicts hospitalised told TNN, “I just want to get rid of this habit of drug addiction because I want to live a better life and do something better for my children. I take drugs because I am jobless. Once I am treated, I think I will never touch drugs again.”

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