TransPeshawar, the operator of Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has announced Rs 5 increase in the bus service after recent unprecedented increase in petroleum products prices from July.

The new fares were notified following the approval of KP Urban Mobility Authority (KPUMA) approval.

TransPeshawar spokesperson Sadaf Kamil said that the company has also decided to slash the Zu Bicycle sharing system fares by 50 percent. She said that a notification to this effect would be issued soon.

Ms Kamil said that an increase of Rs 5 has been approved after which the base fare will jump from Rs 15 to Rs 20. The new fare will come into effect from the new financial year, which starts on July 1.

However, he said that despite unprecedented increase in petroleum, BRT fare was not increased. Besides, Ms Kamil said that despite the Covid-19 caused recessions, government did not revise the bus service fares.

She said that the decision to slash the bicycle fares will help the students. Besides, she said that it will also positively impact the environment.

Ms Kamil said that the fare increase is first since the launch of the BRT service in August 2020.

She said that diesel price stood at Rs 104 per liter when the fare was determined last time. Ms Kamil said that the recent increase was made the diesel price surged by Rs 160 per liter.

Besides, she said that despite the nominal increase in the fare, Zu Peshawar was providing world class transport facilities to the public.

She said that the company was dedicated to provide a cheap and environment friendly transport service.

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