In a significant operation, Peshawar Police has successfully dismantled a notorious gang engaged in street crimes, motorcycle snatching, robbery, and drug trafficking. The crackdown led to the arrest of six suspects affiliated with the dangerous syndicate, responsible for various criminal activities across different areas.

The apprehended individuals hail from diverse locations, including Afghanistan, Khyber district, and Peshawar. The police’s swift action resulted in the recovery of a valuable Vigo vehicle, a motorcar, 10 motorcycles, 19 mobile phones, and a substantial cash amount of 310,000 rupees from the accused.

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In the pursuit of drug dealers, law enforcement seized two kilograms of ice, five kilograms of hashish, and two kilograms of heroin. Additionally, the weapons employed in the criminal activities were confiscated from the apprehended gang members.

The town police promptly returned the recovered vehicles and mobile phones to their rightful owners. Confessions from the arrested individuals were obtained during the preliminary investigation.

ASP Town Nazish affirmed that operations against criminals and drug dealers would persist within the town and Tehkal limits. The police are actively conducting snap checks and implementing blockades on a daily basis, focusing on identified hotspots to ensure the safety and security of the community.