PESHAWAR, July 15: Residents of the provincial capital have complained that the Sasta Bazaars (affordable markets) set up by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government have limited items for sale.

The provincial government has established two Sasta Bazaars in Peshawar to facilitate underprivileged people by providing them various commodities at lower prices.

However, local residents say the items available in these markets are limited. People visiting the markets told TNN that the bazaars were established when half of the holy month of Ramazan had already passed.

“Here, you can see a few kilograms of apricots, one dozen bananas, and 5kg lemons. A van of the utility store is parked on the spot, with only sugar and cold drinks for sale, and there is no ghee and rice. Meat, chicken and vegetables are not available in the market; so what kind of Sasta Bazaar it is? ”

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