Peshawar’s Farzan Shah, a promising boxing talent, shares the journey of his passion, revealing the initial resistance from his family that transformed into proud encouragement as he achieved remarkable success.

With 7 silver and 2 gold medals in national and provincial boxing competitions, Farzan Shah, the eldest of three siblings from a middle-class background on Dalazak Road, recounts his boxing journey.

Despite a childhood passion for boxing, Farzan faced familial opposition, with his father emphasizing education over sports. Undeterred, Farzan’s persistent love for boxing eventually convinced his father, leading him to join the Boxing Academy on September 3, 2020.

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Within a week, Farzan’s talent shone as he secured the first middle in the district-level games competition on September 10, 2020. This triumph delighted his father and garnered increased support and encouragement from family, teachers, relatives, and the local community.

Balancing his academic pursuits with regular boxing training at the academy, Farzan expresses gratitude to his family, especially his academy coach, for unwavering support. Despite being announced for a scholarship by the Sports Board almost two years ago, Farzan has yet to receive any funds.

The promised monthly stipend of eight thousand rupees awaits disbursement, with the delay attributed to a lack of funds, according to the sports board, assuring a prompt release soon.