The Peshawar High Court has rejected the bail application of Owais, who stands accused of sexually assaulting his minor foster sister. The victim is under 18 years of age.

During the hearing on Friday, Justice Shakeel Ahmed presided over the bench and heard arguments from both sides. The accused had requested bail from the court, but the bench ultimately dismissed the plea on legal grounds.

Advocate Nauman Muhib Kaka Khel represented the victim and her mother, who filed the complaint. The lawyer argued that the medical report confirmed the victim’s charges against the accused, and therefore supported the prosecution’s case.

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The counsel also emphasized that the crime committed by the accused was not only against the victim but also the entire society. As a result, the accused did not deserve bail.

Meanwhile, the complainant’s counsel argued that the trial was nearing its end and that the accused had already spent over a year in jail. Furthermore, given the seriousness of the offense, the accused was subject to life imprisonment.

Ultimately, the bench ruled in favor of the prosecution and rejected the bail plea.

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