PESHAWAR: The medical director of Lady Reading Hospital on Wednesday appeared before the Peshawar high court and assured that the cardiology department of the hospital has started work and doctors have resumed their duties.

The director added that they have also provided state of the art facilities to the department so that the doctors can perform their duties in an efficient way.

However, despite the assurance that the open-heart surgery has been resumed in the Lady Reading Hospital, the medical officer of the hospital couldn’t escape the anger of justice Qasier Rashid Khan, who was heading the two-judge bench.

The justice expressed disappointment over the performance of doctors and directed the medical director to take strong action against all those doctors who are not performing their duties, despite charging hefty amount of salaries and incentives.

The justice said that poor patients have been left on the mercy of the private hospitals, when the open heart surgery operations were stopped in the lady reading hospital. The MD responded that the hospital administration has provided all the required facilities, and also working on improving the efficiency of doctors. The MD said that the doctors who are not properly trained, they are arranging training for them.

“The doctors, who are not performing the duty, should be sent home, but no hospital unit should be closed,” remarked Justice Qaiser Rashid. The medical officer of the hospital was directed to present a complete report into the issue until May 25.

On May 13, The LRH has announced that open-heart surgeries have been resumed at the Department of Cardiology after the supply of modern equipment after being closed for almost a month. They further said that now every week, eight major heart surgeries are being performed at the cardiology department of the hospital.

Open April 13, the doctors of the hospital stopped to perform cardiac surgeries saying that there is no latest machinery and modern equipment available at the ward. The LRH Medical director wrote a letter that doctors have suspended cardiac surgeries for want of facilities. They had announced that the suspension of these surgeries is in the interest of patients for the time being.