PESHAWAR: The Peshawar High Court on Friday suspended the priority list submitted by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf for reserved seats for women in KP Assembly and ordered ECP to issue notification of Mehreen Afridi as member of KP assembly.

The petition was filled by Mehreen Rauf Afridi through senior lawyer Fazal Khan Mohmand asking the court that Aisha Bibi’s vote was not registered in the tribal district but her nomination papers were approved by the ECP and so notification of her nomination as MPA was issued by ECP. The petitioner said that only those should represent the tribal people who are from tribal districts.

During the hearing, the petitioner’s lawyer, Fazal Shah Advocate, told the court that three names were given by the PTI to the Election Commission for women’s seats. He said that 1st name on the priority list; Aisha Bibi is not registered as a voter in the tribal districts, while the papers of the second woman, Wafa Wazir, have been rejected by the Election Commission.

The Peshawar High Court dismissed the August 28 notification issued by PTI and ordered the Election Commission to issue a notification on the third number of candidate, Mehreen Rouf Afridi, in the list.

After the high court order, the notification of Mehreen Afridi will be an issue on woman reserved seat in KP assembly. Mehreen was the youth and women rights activist in former FATA. She has won the National Youth Award in 2013 and her name has also been nominated for a number of national and international awards. She has been on the forefront for raising voice for the rights of tribal youth, especially the rights of women. She believes that promotion of education is very important for sustainable peace and development in tribal districts.