Gohar Wazir

BANNU: A function was held in Domail tehsil of Bannu in connection with plantation campaign and awareness programme about plantation under Green and Sustainable Pakistan (GSP) on Friday.

Additional Assistant Commissioner Tehsil Domail Hidayatullah Khan and other people belonging to different walks of life attended the function.

Hidayatullah Khan said on the occasion that planting trees is very important for good environment and to fulfil human needs. He said tree plantation is also very beneficial from religious point of view as it is a continuous virtue which serves the purpose of the whole population. He urged all the people, particularly the youth, to actively participate in the Green Pakistan campaign and provide their share in making their areas clean and green. He said the dream of clean and green Pakistan can be realised if people fully participate in plantation campaigns in their respective areas.

GSP Chief Executive Fakhar Shah said creating awareness among the people about importance of plantation and ensuring success of plantation campaigns at every union council level are top priorities in the ongoing programme. He said people should consider tree plantation their collective responsibility and they should also look after trees to ensure a healthy future in a good environment.

Fakhar Shah said the real target of the program will not be achieved just by planting the trees. He said the real aim of the programme is to ensure that trees are planted and looked after properly and gain their full growth. He said GSP is arranging awareness sessions in various places to achieve its target of ensuring green and sustainable Pakistan.

The Clean and Green Pakistan movement builds on five pillars with a focus on behavioral change and institutional strengthening. These pillars include plantation; solid waste management; liquid waste/hygiene; total sanitation and safe water.

The plantation campaign includes annual tree plantation ceremony with the theme of planting one plant by one student in college area and nearby public places, Participation in seed throwing campaign under local forest department, annual awareness campaigns in sowing seasons, including that with the theme of tree plantation and green environment by the college shall be displayed at public places.