Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Commission for Status of Women (KPCSW) Riffat Sardar has said that it was imperative for police personnel to know about anti-rape and pro-women legislations.

Addressing the participants of the five days long training session about anti-rape and pro-women laws, she said that KPCSW was working to safeguard women rights along with other stakeholders and government departments including police.

A total of 22 master trainers from different police training schools of KP were trained about anti-rape and pro-women laws during the five days.

Ms Sardar said that police department had a crucial role to play in providing first aid, DNA tests, investigation and trial of rape cases, therefore, the department personnel should be trained about anti-rape and pro-women laws to ensure speedy justice to the affected women.

AIG training KP police Quraish Khan said police department was committed to address gender related issues of the department. He also threw light on his experience of opening women reporting center in Kurram district.

Cowater International team leader Shabina Gulzar also spoke at this occasion.

The participants were trained about gender based violence, communication skills, gender related issues and concepts, anti-rape laws in Pakistan, Anti-Rape Act 2021, pro-women laws and other related issues.

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