PESHAWAR, November 5: Pakistan’s Prime Minister, Mr Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, has said that poliovirus can be eliminated from the country within a period of six months.

In a meeting on polio epidemic, the prime minister said that he himself would supervise the campaign and would ask for the reports from the respective organisations after every two months. The chief ministers from all of the provinces also attended the meeting.

He added that people in polio-affected areas were right to stay fearful of the epidemic but that they should also understand that apart from their lives at stake, they are confronted with many other problems like the wrong mentality of people regarding polio drops and the inaccessibility of workers to the remote areas.

He further said that children, who couldn’t be vaccinated due to operation in tribal areas, were now being given the polio drops and that the disease is likely to be done away with.

Around 80 percent of the poliovirus cases across the world have surfaced in Pakistan this year. The number of children diagnosed with the disease has reached 235 in Pakistan since the beginning of the year 2014.

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