In anticipation of the upcoming elections, Bajaur has established a total of 366 polling stations, strategically categorizing 88 as the most sensitive, 151 as sensitive, and 127 as normal. This meticulous planning, as reported by the Election Commission of Bajaur, aims to ensure a secure and smooth electoral process.

Breaking down the numbers, the NA-8 constituency and its four provincial counterparts host the designated polling stations. For Provincial Constituency PK 19 Bajaur 1, encompassing 96 polling stations, 51 have been labeled as most sensitive, 44 as sensitive, and a solitary station as normal. Notably, within PK-19, 111 polling stations are reserved for women, and 178 are allocated for men.

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Moving to Constituency PK 20 Bajaur 2, with a total of 84 polling stations, 9 are marked as most sensitive, 40 as sensitive, and 35 as normal. In this constituency, 153 polling stations are designated for men, and 93 for women.

Constituency PK 21 Bajaur 3, accommodating 96 polling stations, designates 3 as most sensitive, 31 as highly sensitive, and 62 as normal. The breakdown includes 169 polling stations for men and 105 for women, out of a total of 274.

Constituency PK-22 boasts 90 polling stations, categorizing 36 as most sensitive, 25 as sensitive, and 29 as normal. The total number of polling booths in this constituency amounts to 273, with 169 catering to men and 104 to women.

Focusing on the larger picture, the National Assembly’s single-seat constituency, NA-8, establishes 366 polling stations, classifying 88 as most sensitive, 151 as sensitive, and 127 as normal. This constituency is equipped with a total of 1,082 polling booths, ensuring representation with 669 for men and 413 for women. As the election approaches, these precautionary measures aim to facilitate a fair and secure voting process for all constituents.