PESHAWAR, August 2: The poor law and order situation has severely affected business of gemstones in the famous Namak Mandi bazaar in the provincial capital.

The gemstone market in Namak Mandi is an international market, offering precious minerals and gemstones. Traders of the market say they used to export ruby, marble, emerald to Europe, Australia, Germany, Belgium and other countries and that they also held exhibitions of precious stones in the province. However, they say now their clientele has plummeted due to poor law and order.

The All Pakistan Commercial Exporters Association chairman, Mr Asghar Khan, has asked the government to assist the traders in their business.

“In the past, we used to organize exhibitions, but now those events are not being held. Such events are helpful boost economy of the province as well. We appeal to the government to take measures for reviving those exhibitions,” he said.

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