dry fruit

PESHAWAR, November 24: The consumption and prices of dry fruit have increased with the beginning of winter season in the provincial capital.

The Karkhano Market is known for the sales of dry fruit and it is visited by people from various parts of the country.

Several customers said that this year the prices are not affordable for most people.

“Many used to buy dry fruit but this year the prices of dry fruit have registered an increase of 60 rupees per kilogram. The rich and the underprivileged used to buy dry fruit alike but now it’s beyond the reach of many,” stated a customer at the market.

The shopkeepers say the prices depend on the value of US dollar and transportation charges since the commodity is also imported from Afghanistan and other countries.

“The routes take much time. Sometimes transportation of the commodity from Afghanistan to Pakistan takes a month or two and as a result the drivers charge more money. It becomes difficult to even meet the cost of the business, let alone earning money,” stated a shopkeeper of the dry fruit in the city.

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