PESHAWAR: Every single school in tribal districts lacks at least one basic facility, while there are some schools which lack many facilities or have no facility at all.

A primary school in Bez Darra area of Central Orakzai is one such school where there is no electricity, toilet, boundary wall or clean drinking water. Faizullah Orakzai, a teacher in the school, said while talking to TNN about problems of the school said the primary school in Bez Darra has only two teachers for 300 students. He said there are many problems in the school, but the main problem is shortage of teachers, as it is very difficult for two teachers to handle 300 students.

“Under the new government projects, a primary school building must have at least six rooms, but school in Bez Darra has only two rooms with a small veranda,” he said.

The schoolteacher said two rooms are even not enough for a hundred students, but in Bez Darra, 300 students are handled in two rooms.

“One cannot even imagine about electricity facility in the school. A stream is situated near the school from where the students fetch water in bottles or water-coolers. There is only one washroom in the school which is used by the teachers and students,” he said while narrating the sorry state of affairs in the school.

“The school remains closed in the event of rain. Boundary wall exists only on one side, while the other side of the school, which is visible from the nearby road, lacks boundary wall which can cause security problems,” said Faizullah Orakzai.

He said other schools in the area are situated at least 10 to 15 kilometers away. He said Bez Darra school remained closed till 2017, but it did not suffer any damage during militancy.

“The school building is intact, however, it has shortage of rooms and teachers and washrooms and boundary wall also need to be constructed,” he said.

Faizullah said schools should not be built only for fulfilling formality of enrolment. He said all facilities must be provided in the schools to ensure bright future of students.

“It is the responsibility of the government to provide all facilities to schools,” he added.