Photo by Rafiullah
Photo by Rafiullah
Photo by Rafiullah

MINGORA, July 7: The Government Primary School, constructed eight years ago in Sar Masti area of Swat district, is yet to be opened.

Students of the area go to far-flung areas for their education because of closure of the school in Sar Masti.

Local residents say their children travel on foot for almost one hour to reach school in other areas. They say their problems could be solved if the local school was opened.

“Our children often face bullies in faraway areas and they are also vulnerable to mishaps when they go to attend school in faraway places. We have requested the Education Department authorities several times to open the school in our area but they keep on saying that they will do it when possible.”

The Swat District Education Officer, Mr Zulfiqar, told TNN that the school was not being opened because substandard material had been used in its construction.

“We need to engage a contractor to reconstruct the school because we don’t want to put lives of children at risk,” he added.

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