In Khyber Bara district, a large protest unfolded against the reported violence inflicted upon an elderly woman. Thousands gathered at Khyber Chowk to voice their concerns over the alleged mistreatment of Rehmatullah, who was reportedly taken from his home by security agencies in Bara Sipah the previous night. Protesters condemned the reported torture suffered by Rehmatullah’s mother.

The demonstrators emphasized that if Rehmatullah is accused of any wrongdoing, he should be presented in court, urging an honorable release if no charges exist. The situation gained attention after a video of Rehmatullah’s elderly mother circulated on social media, prompting the mass gathering and protest at Bara Khyber Chowk.

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Following successful negotiations, the protest sit-in was concluded, and the Pak-Afghan highway reopened for traffic. The elderly mother accepted the police department’s “Ninawatey,” a Pashtun tradition involving an apology gesture. MPA Abdul Ghani Afridi confirmed that the police have agreed to all demands, assuring Rehmatullah’s court appearance within 24 hours.

Future police actions involving the elderly woman will be conducted in the presence of female searchers, ensuring a respectful approach. Additionally, those responsible for the alleged torture will face FIR registration, according to MPA Abdul Ghani Afridi, aligning with tribal traditions that involve symbolic actions like presenting sticks as a gesture of reconciliation.