Zubair Afridi

Progressive Students Federation on Thursday organized book launch of noted academic Dr Asim Sajjad Akhtar’s book the Struggle for Hegemony in Pakistan, Fear, Desire and Revolutionary Horizon.

Dr Akhtar is a professor Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad.

The ceremony took place at PUTA Hall on the campus of University of Peshawar.

A large number of students, academia, members of civil societies and journalists participated in the ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Faizullah Jan, chair of the Journalism and Mass Communication department at university of Peshawar, discussed the main theme and theoretical framework of the book.

He also congratulated the author for writing a book on the concept of hegemony in the context of Pakistan.

Dr Akhtar also spoke at this occasion and said that this book attempted to achieve two separate but interrelated goals. “First, it presents an empirical and theoretical sketch of actually existing capitalism in Pakistan and second, it offers some building blocks for a theory of politics that can lead us to communist horizon,” he said.

Dr Sayed Irfan Ashraf, Assistant Professor at Department of Journalism and Dr Sarfaraz khan, former director Area Study Center, also lauded the author’s writing on such a important subject.

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