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The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Private Schools Regulatory Authority (KP PSRA) has received a complaint from a parent regarding the unfair expulsion of his children from a private school. Ashrafuddin Pirzada, a resident of Hayatabad in Peshawar, alleges that his two daughters and son were enrolled at the Aziz Jan Institute of Learning, but were expelled from the school without any advance notice.

According to Pirzada, he dropped his children off at school as usual but received a phone call from the school admin just an hour later, informing him that his children had been expelled. Pirzada claimed that the school principal, Shazia Asad, and admin officer, Muhammad Shafiq Akram, expelled his son Moeeduddin Pirzada (grade-4), and daughter Anam Pirzada (grade-1) without any valid reason.

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When Pirzada inquired about the reasons for their expulsion, he was told that the school enrolls only two siblings, which was allegedly a policy created by Senator Mohsin Aziz, who owns the school. Pirzada’s daughter in grade-9 was on preparation leave for board exams, while the rest of his two children were expelled from school.

Pirzada further claimed that he had paid tuition fees two months in advance and had already purchased books and notebooks for his children’s new classes, but was not informed about this policy at the time of enrollment. He accused the school management of being irked by his arguments and unjustly expelling his children.

The KP PSRA has received the complaint and is looking into the matter. The school administration has yet to release any official statement regarding the incident.

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