Pakistan Tehrik Insaf Chairman Imran Khan has asked the people to take to the streets across the country on Sunday night to peacefully demonstrate the inflation in the country.

In a video message issued on social media, the former Prime Minister said that he was asking the public to peacefully protest.  “At 9pm on Sunday night all of you should come out of your homes for peaceful protest,” he said.

Mr Khan said that he will make a speech at 10pm on Sunday. He said that people all over the country should take to the streets to for peaceful protest on Sunday night.

Mr Khan questioned that if the incumbent government was incapable of running the country, then, why they conspired to topple his government.

He said that petrol price has gone up by Rs 85 per liter under the current rulers while it stood at Rs 150 when he was in power.

Mr Khan said that petrol price had only gone up by Rs 50 in his three years in office.

He said that electricity tariff which stood at Rs 16 per unit in his government has also jumped up to Rs 29 per unit and was likely to further go up.

Besides, he added that a bag of flour which stood at Rs 1100 has jumped up to Rs 1500 while ghee price has gone up to Rs 650 per kg from Rs 400 while he was in office.

Mr Khan said that his government has narrowed external account deficit in its three years in office. However, he said that incumbents derailed d the country just to protect their corruption.

Mr Khan also asked the political parties to join his peaceful protest. “Peaceful protest is our constitutional and democratic right,” he added.