Well, we watch dramas for entertainment, but sometimes we get to see real life in dramas because some dramas are based on very good themes. I also saw a similar scene in the play that compelled me to write this piece. The drama was based on reality; the same things are happening around us a lot nowadays.

In the drama, a girl was holding the phone in her hand and looked very worried. She was sitting in a corner of the room looking very scared. There were repeated calls on her phone which she kept cutting. When she hung up, the message would come. When she blocked the number, the calls would start coming from another number.

This girl was being harassed by a boy through phone calls and messages, saying, “I like you. You meet me yourself or I will come before you. If you block one of my numbers, I will contact you from the second and third numbers.” Seeing the condition of the girl in the play, something started happening to me too. My health also started to deteriorate.

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Unfortunately, our society is constantly moving towards negative actions. After all, why this abuse of women? Why is a woman always blackmailed? Why is a woman always harassed on a mobile phone? Have we ever thought about how many negative effects all these things have on a woman’s life? I don’t know how long women will continue to be humiliated and disrespected by men. I don’t know how long a man will continue to take advantage of a woman’s silence.

In this case, if we talk about parents, some parents have given their children so much freedom of expression that they can share everything with their parents. They do not hesitate to share anything or any problem. On the contrary, in our Pashtun society, there are some parents whose thinking is not so positive and big, due to which girls cannot share with their parents and thus they end up inside.

She gets depressed because the girl is afraid that I will tell my parents about this boy or his calls and messages and they will in turn suspect me. Lest they lose their trust in me. Please don’t make me a prisoner at home. Don’t ban me from going out because I have seen people in most villages and villages even kill a girl on receiving a call or message from a wrong or unknown number. Only based on the suspicion that you will have some kind of cycle with this boy. Before harassing a girl over a call or message, the boys of our society should just think about what will happen to their hearts if someone harasses their sister tomorrow.

Of course, these boys would never want that for their sisters. So why do you think so badly for others’ mothers and sisters? Why is this wrong and senseless action in their case?

Boys in our society need to be cared for. So they should stop these harassing phone calls and messages. They should understand how these wrong actions will affect a girl’s life. How bad this girl’s life can be. How much her future could be affected? How many problems can she get into?