PESHAWAR, July 14: Registration of families, displaced from North Waziristan tribal region as a result of military operation, has concluded in Peshawar, with many families demanding extension in the process.

Members of several displaced families said there were hundreds of affected people who did not come to registration centres due to some issues and that registration process must be extended.

According to a statement of the FATA Disaster Management Authority, the registration process started in Peshawar on 6July, and up to 5,000 IDPs have been registered so far.

“Only 6 to 7 days were specified for registration and this time period is insufficient, many families are yet to be registered. At least one day should be given to each tribe of our area for registration as it is impossible to register all tribal families in limited time,” said an IDP.

The organisation says the provision of grants has also been started to the IDPs through the SIM cards issued to them.

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