CHITRAL, July 19: A private hydropower project in Ayun valley of Chitral district has been supplying electricity to about 4,000 domestic and 400 commercial consumers without any breakdown since a long time.

TNN correspondent says the powerhouse was constructed in 2001 and that it produces 960 kilowatts electricity. There are 10 employees who manage the powerhouse.

On the other hand, the government had set up a powerhouse in 1975, with capacity of one megawatt and it is producing 600 kilowatts electricity. There are 57 people who are employed to manage the powerhouse but it often remains out-of-order.

Local residents say such projects should be set up in privatised to benefit more people.

A local resident, Mr Shujah Ali, told TNN, “Our power plant is working properly and there is no loadshedding in Sehr and Iftar timings in our area, nor is there the low voltage issue as is being witnessed in most parts of the country due to energy crisis.

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