HANGU, June 23: Residents of four village in Hangu district staged protest because they said the authorities were not providing them connections of natural gas.

At a rally on 22 June, the demonstrators said the main pipeline had been installed in Syadano Banda, Takhti Banda-I, Takhti Banda-II and Hamza Abad areas a year ago but that the pipelines had not been layed in streets.

They warned that to stage more protests if the authorities did not take measures to start gas supply to their areas by 1 July.

Some of the protesters told TNN that there area was part of the city, and having 5,000 households, but still they were facing shortage of basic amenities.

“The holy month of Ramazan is around the corner while we are facing a host of problems. We wrote many applications to district coordination officer and gas department but to no avail. Those having political references can get things done but no-one cares about us because we do not have political backing,” said one of the demonstrators.

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