The residents of Landi Kotal in the Khyber District have taken a firm stand, declaring that they will advocate for a youth boycott of the vote until their persistent water and electricity problems are addressed.

A pivotal consultative meeting under the banner of the ‘Pani Do Vote Lo’ (Give Water, Take Vote) Campaign convened at Landi Kotal Kam Shalman to discuss the pressing issues.

Active participants in the meeting included social worker Akhtar Ali Shinwari, Haji Ilyas Shinwari, Manzoor Shinwari, Sharifullah Shinwari, Hussain Afridi, Afaq Shalmani, and Waqas Shalmani.

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The consensus reached during the meeting emphasized the escalation of the ‘Pani Do Vote Lo’ campaign, particularly up to August. The youth, fueled by a desire for tangible results rather than empty promises, asserted that action must precede voting.

Initiated by the Landi Kotal Issues Committee, the campaign aims to address the severe water crisis in the Landi Kotal area. Committee members express frustration over unfulfilled promises from officials and insist that this time, they will not be swayed by superficial assurances. Their stance is clear: whoever resolves their water problem will earn their vote.