Bajaur Sulha pic by Hanifullah 1 (2)
Members of the rival groups shake hands at a jirga in Bajaur Agency. – Photo by Hanifullah

KHAR, September 18: A tribal Jirga has resolved an enmity that had claimed 30 lives during the last 30 years in Bajaur Agency.

On 17 September, a grand Jirga was held to reconcile the families of Malik Sardar and Malik Rahmatullah in Mamond tehsil.

Besides tribal elders, Pakistan Army’s sector commander north Brigadier Haider, commandant Bajaur Scouts and assistant political agent for Nawagai area also attended the ceremony.

Brigadier Haider told the ceremony that reconciliation of the warring groups would led to prosperity and development in the area.

Members of both the groups hugged one another on the occasion and resolved not to engage in violence in future.

The elders and residents of the area welcomed the reconciliation between the two rival groups.

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