In a dramatic turn of events, a robbery suspect was fatally shot by police gunfire while attempting to flee, while another suspect has been taken into custody for further investigation.

As per the reports, police at Bara’s Sirajuddin outpost apprehended two suspects involved in robbery and theft, namely Wahid Gul, son of Naseeb, and Muhammad Rehman, son of Azam, and were brought to the police station for questioning.

During a patrol, one of the suspects took advantage of the situation and managed to free himself from the handcuffs, attempting to escape. In response, the officer on duty fired at the suspect to halt his escape, injuring him in the leg.

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Sources reveal that after being wounded, the suspect was brought back to the checkpoint and was fired upon again, resulting in his immediate death. The police transferred the body to Dogra Hospital for necessary procedures, while the other suspect was taken into custody.

According to the police, the deceased suspect and the apprehended suspect were involved in various thefts, including motorcycle theft, solar panels, batteries, and other stolen items. One motorcycle has been recovered from the arrested suspect.

In relation to this matter, Hadram Gul Afridi, SHO Bara police station, stated that the police officer, Kifayatullah, who fired at the apprehended theft suspect, has been immediately arrested. An FIR has been filed against him under Section 302. Kifayatullah, the police officer, hails from Landikotal Tehsil and was formally presented before the judge.

According to him, the accused was fleeing, which justified the act of firing. However, he denied firing at the accused again at the checkpoint.