In a tragic incident in the hilly terrain of Buner, a rocket attack on a police van resulted in the death of the driver and injuries to a police officer.

Local authorities have officially confirmed the occurrence of this incident. According to police sources, the rocket attack targeted the mobile van belonging to the Elum Police Station, positioned at the Swat Buner junction. The attack led to the unfortunate demise of Amirzad, an officer who served as the driver and caused injuries to another officer named Nisar.

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Sources indicate that the police van was en route to deliver provisions to the security forces actively engaged in an ongoing operation against militants in Elum Ghar. The attack transpired in the vicinity of the Government School on the path to Elum.

Following the incident, a significant deployment of both police and military personnel swiftly arrived at the scene. They promptly evacuated the deceased and injured individuals, transporting them to a nearby hospital for necessary medical attention.